The Mortgage Key Limited

Having worked wth Chorus business Advisers last year on reducing costings in my business, which was very successful, I am using their services to expand the geographical area I cover. It is very important to me that an business partners I work with share the same professional outlook and I have found the company fully understands what I am looking to achieve in taking the business forward. I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Chorus and look forward to working with them now and in the future.

Colin Silverton
Premier Deep Hole Drilling Limited

I engaged with Chorus towards the end of 2014 to assist my company in expanding our customer base in the oil and gas sector. Their initial input was to completely update my website which they helped design. They then undertook some direct marketing which was successful and lead to me visiting a wide range of potential new customers in Scotland, all with pre-arranged meetings. Chorus also helped with follow up. This year they also looked at my gas contract and were able to give a significant saving compared to my usual broker. All my dealings with Chorus have been handled very professionally and results have more than met my expectations. Based on my experience, I would happily recommend them.

Stuart Grant
Managing Director
Cox Construction

We engaged with Chorus Business Advisers with the initial intention of them looking at our cost basis. They managed to dramatically improve our banking charges and insurance costs. Following this we asked them to evaluate our marketing strategy and website. They created a new design and a fresh marketing plan was put in place, which had produced some positive results. Our dealings were conducted in a speedy and professional manner and I have since recommended them to other businesses.

Richard Cox
Cliffs Chiropractic

We were impressed with the professional and efficient service from Chorus, there was no heavy sales pressure like other companies and they saved us a significant amount of money.

Arif Sooma